Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"What's Right NOT Who's Right?"

It’s getting ever so fierce at workplaces that decision making is getting blurred. You must have noticed that most times, suggestions are incorporated keeping in mind the person who gave it, since it happens to be a ‘manager’ or ‘someone-higher-up-the-ladder’!

Really, all you wanted to do was get up and shout that the idea sucks (off course, only if it really does), but held yourself back fearing being reprimanded in an open-forum! This has happened so frequently that you are feeling so very frustrated.

So what do you do next? Fight or Flight?

Flight Plan:

This is a no-brainer!

The perceived easier of the option is to take ‘Flight’ to the next best company, with the hope that the grass is always greener on the other side. Good for you if it works for your advantage and the next company is among the ‘Great Place to Work’ category. You might get the visibility, praise, appreciation, etc. If not, you are back at ‘Square-One’!

I feel the tougher of the options is to stay put and ‘Fight’ it out. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a face-face confrontation, but, it’s a good chance to learn management tact/skill in handling such cases.

Fight Plan:

- Listen to the suggestion at face-value, maybe they have a point. Give them the benefit of the doubt, considering their experience and expertise in the field
- Next, you can build your own list of ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ to the suggested solution
- Make your point, with its advantages and disadvantages. Highlighting on the practicality, economical feasibility and ease to implement, this will only strengthen your cause.
- Be ready to receive feedback! It may work or may not; at least it’s worth a shot.

The step that could be a little dicey is in approaching the ‘managers’ or ‘someone-higher-up-the-ladder’ with your suggestion. Hmmm…after all there is way out.

If your manager is not receptive to suggestions in an open forum, take it offline.

- Implement the idea that’s already suggested. Hold on! You are not going to surrender as yet…- - Next, complete it the way you feel it would work. Your Way!
- Make it appear that although the manager’s solution was good, there is a better way to do it
- Present it at a relevant time and a good presentation will only add value

Unless, it’s a mathematical problem there is a high possibility of having multiple solutions! It’s good thing to inculcate as you go to higher roles involving decision making.

My vote for: “What’s Right NOT Who’s Right?”

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