Friday, October 31, 2008

Recruitment Mass Mails

The approach of ‘Mass Mails’ (i.e. a mail that is sent to just about everyone under the sun) to dig/extract/flush-out/mine resumes from the remotest places, seems to have a great deal of effect on the recipient!


Picture this: a HR person on one fine day gets a mail asking for an updated resume for the post of a (Hold your breath!!!) – A “Neurosurgeon”!!! Well, you can quite guess the recipient of this mail. No?

This kind of mail got me thinking on the objective of sending out such unsolicited mails to people? Trust me; the only logic that I could arrive was very simple:

Get your message across to as many many many people as possible with the hope that at least 5% of them reply with either their updated resume or at least send their query! Pretty simple, right?

It’s a 5-Step easy process

Here’s how you can do it:


You want to hire a couple of Java Technology Architects (with about 10 yrs work experience) within the next 45 days. Hmmmm…you tell yourself, “OMG! It’s not possible. What can I do?”
Eureka! You have found a way to achieve your targets.


Step 1: Get hold of job-portals, search networking sites, enroll on all possible technology-groups on the internet – download as many email ID’s as possible!

Step 2: Compose a mail filled with loads of data – client/company, role, location, compensation........

Step 3: Send it out to the email ID’s which were garnered from various sources! Voila! Your message has just reached over a 100,000 people!

Step 4: Sit back & sift through the replies (remember 5% was expected to reply?)

Step 5: You achieve your target! The positions got filled, you get your incentives, everyone (almost everyone…read on) is happy!

Now, lets see who got the mails: HR (off course), entry level candidates, surgeons, teachers, gym instructors, graphic designers, furniture makers, actors, singers, doctors, trainers, etc. Mostly it has reached about 99.9% of people who ever not even close to a Java Technology Architect role or don’t know what that even means!!

What happens to your mail? – I guarantee that less that 3 seconds were spent reading your mails and more importantly your mails get identified as a SPAM! Someone is right now contemplating of suing you for one reason or another; another person is writing you a mail saying how much they hate receiving your mails, right? If you haven’t received any, you can push your luck a little harder!

The question that really matters is: Do you need to send mass mails at all?

My answer to that is NO! By sending them you are hurting your chances of identifying potential candidates even more!

You have just irritated a 100,000 people by sending them mails they don’t care about!
The 100,000 people spread the message to another 100k people, thus, hurting your client’s/company’s reputation (that’s a cost you cannot calculate!)
Chances of someone suing you (maybe for fun!) is very high
Time spent researching and downloading email ID’s was a waste of critical hiring-time

Finally - Guess what! You get spammed in return by folks who don’t mind sending their resumes hoping they’ll get a reply!!!

Get off the habit of mass-mails as quickly as possible! Since it’s like sprinkling seeds all over the planet hoping to reap a rich harvest! You are better off spending QUALITY TIME identifying a particular source which you can dive deep into and get the required results.

Think about it, as a recruiter, would you respond to a mail asking you send your resume for the post of a “Arboriculturist”!!!! Chances are, you might not even have heard about such a profession!
On second thoughts, actually, you might apply! That is, if you don’t like recruitment, in which case you should not be sending out those mass mails!

- The HR Store