Sunday, October 19, 2008

Change is Strange!!

Change is weird, strange, un-necessary, pathetic etc or Change can be cool, exciting, wonderful, fantastic etc.. What do you think?

First School of Thought:

Change could only be a constant! I personally would love to work that way - new ideas, new people, new everything! This set of people 'Thrive-In-Chaos', it's amazing that they are adaptable to newer surroundings, get up tomorrow morning and start their tasks with a change in their routine (Irony! Irony! Change & routine...). They are constantly thinking about the next big thing that can change their lives, daily routines tweaked for optimum results where 20% efforts translate to 100% results.

The need for change is their necessity. The only hitch to going down this path is that, it might take tons of effort to stay focused on one thing for long enough to complete it! The mind works furiously to find ways to make things interesting, easier, less complicated and YES! process goes out of the window! That's because change can happen anytime, anywhere...The hidden 'Entrepreneur' in them surfaces ever so frequently.

Tomorrow is a new day - for new things - to be done in new ways!

Second School of Thought:

Change is unnecessary! People on this side of the fence feel routine is best. It gives them a sense of normalcy in their lives, the security of knowing exactly what's going to happen next! People who love stability, to stay predictable and maybe even stay as a big-fish-in-a-small-pond!

Change is a crazy just throws things out of gear! Who the heck wants to do start doing the same thing differently...the results are predictable, getting the tasks accomplished is all about following process, stability is in knowing things will remain the same way since they left it the last time....

Tomorrow will start & end the same way - just like yesterday!

Where do you belong?