Thursday, October 16, 2008

Candidate Management

What is Candidate Management?

“It is a skill which is needed to treat candidates like human beings, by being polite, courteous, honest and candid with them during your interactions. It is about under-promising and over-delivering.”

What is the need for Candidate Management?

· Streamline our efforts in the recruitment process; in terms of increasing the capability to manager profiles with efficiency & effectiveness

· Derive statistics from the accumulated data; such as, strength to address open requisitions based on technology, domain, company, location/geography, levels of experience, etc.,
· Monetary benefits for & from the business

Candidate Journey

Effects of poor Candidate Management

Every bad action has always had repercussions! So does Candidate Management. Think about the last time YOU interviewed for a job and I’m quite sure you did at least one of the following action(s).

· Candidates tend to change their channel-selection based on interactions with the company

· Reduced interest in future vacancies with the company

· Big impact on the company’s brand through bad publicity. [blogs, word of mouth, employee referrals, etc.,]This will only hurt your future references! Watch you word…

· Wasted efforts in terms of time & money [Interviewer’s time, Company time, Interview No shows, Interview Reschedules, Offer Declines, Candidate’s travel costs, etc,]

What can be improved?

Think about your treatment to guests invite at home,

- Would you make them wait for long hours?
- Not give them food when you called them during lunch/dinner time?
- Talk to them like you are not interested?

The same situation applies to candidates! You called them 9 out of 10 times to check on their interest! So why not treat them with respect and care?

· First impression counts, whether it is via phone calls, meetings, emails, text messages
o Sound professional when you talk, send mails, etc.,
o Talk like you are selling a role in your company, with a lot of conviction.
o If you wont buy what you are selling, then don’t expect the candidate to buy it either!!!
o Be assertive and confident in whatever you say.
o There are things you CAN and CANNOT do, communicate without fear

· Make honest commitments; about the position, role & responsibilities, info regarding interview timelines, stick to timely communication & YES! Never forget to give feedback on time

Signs of good Candidate Management

• Candidate remembers your name & the minute details of your previous discussions! 1st sign of recall value

• They are careful, meticulous and trusting while explaining their current standing. Shares more info than they would have preferred. You are on the right track!

• You know exactly why they would select your company versus your competitor’s

• Readily gives you references you can solicit for other open positions

• Responds to all forms of communications; ON-TIME!!

What are the developments in the area of Candidate Management?

Companies hiring Candidate Management teams…building automation tools…implementing Six Sigma methodologies…and more

• Large companies are hiring exclusive teams for candidate management. The small ones are training their limited staff on Candidate Management.

• Companies are building automation tools to help monitor candidate management. A large number of Candidate Management Systems (CMS) are available

Your role as a Career Consultant/Recruiter/Candidate Management Expert (CME)
• Understand the business space, their requirements and the need for getting the requirements

• Sit with the hiring manager and list down a few key-points that will help them find the right candidate, Vis-à-vis ‘Selling Points’, role description, internal team fitment, compensation, etc.,

• Put more effort into understanding the hiring process & ways to optimize it. Agreed that 9 – 10 rounds of discussion are needed, but you shouldn’t let that affect the candidate’s psyche

• If possible talk your way to participate in one or two interviews for every position. This will help you to understand and put down the requirements crisply

• Learn how to sell the position. Eventually you are going to do that to the candidate. Never over-sell or under-sell. You can even try a couple of contacts that you can circulate across to the candidate for referral

All the best with your hiring!

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