Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The 'Right Time' is NOW...

I’m sure we've all heard others & even ourselves talk about the ‘Right-Time’ to do the ‘Right-Thing'? Agreed, if you are sure of the outcome of a task, then it makes sense to wait, but, in the first place how the heck did you even find out the outcome? It may be because sometime back you happened to do the wrong-thing at the wrong-time! The point to focus is the ‘Optimistic’ mindset you had then versus the 'Pessimistic' thinking now…it’s foolish to repeat mistakes but then you need be bold enough to step-up and take charge.

The perspective of the ‘Right-Time’ is often viewed as an insecure and doubtful frame of mind. Come to think of it, if you start your favorite project today, wouldn’t you give it all? Off course you would. Sometimes, the 'Right-Time' is decided more from a necessity to achieve goals – quite confidently you don’t even ponder over ‘time’ to decide whether it is ok to proceed or not!

I keep wondering if the ONLY reason to not do something & wait for the ‘Right-Time’ is because we don’t like doing it! Think about it for a second, most of the tasks that you may have completed in the last week were something that you liked doing or thought it was the best thing to do…and the ones you may have avoided were most often than not the ones you obviously didn’t like! It’s get harder in a business situation where other people depend on YOUR work & time to get tasks accomplished.

So the next time around ask yourself – "What if the tech support agent doesn’t want to answer your call?" - While you are on tenterhooks to fix the machine to send out your RFP to a waiting client! The agent will be fired – but more importantly you’ll lose a customer because someone else thought it was not the right-time!! What goes round comes around…

Come to think of it, if there is something that you love to do, have the passion to do or basically needs to be done/completed – then waiting for the ‘Right-Time’ is only going to increase the agony! The ride will be rough when you dive in, but I’m sure you’ll dig deep into your resolve to reach your goals. After all, your future is dependant on your action.

The clock’s ticking - the ‘RIGHT-TIME’ was the minute that just passed by……

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