Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Candidate Tip - Part 5

Few months back, I had started the ‘Candidate Tip Series’ with the intention to answer hiring related questions from readers. The series was introduced in an attempt to avoid redundancy in replies.Further, I tweet these tips on my twitter account too using #candidatetip.

If you are a candidate, hope this helps. If not, you can help send this post to anyone searching for answers. I’ll continue to take questions and should you have one, you can send it to thehrstore@gmail.com

Looking for the earlier posts on candidate tips? Here’s part – 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • When asked for a good time to schedule an interview, don’t give a time when you can’t take the call! Use a 3-step process: Stop. Think. Answer.

  • I know it's your personal email account; but having 'corny' messages in your mail signature won't work in your favor in a job hunt.

  • Dear Candidate: I didn't call to listen to your ringer-tone song selection! Pick up the phone at the scheduled time for an interview.

  • If you choose send your LinkedIn profile instead of a resume, then ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated with details.

  • Please don't mention your Facebook/Twitter links on your resume (unless asked). Same as with blogs (here's why http://bit.ly/astvvv)

  • Changing your contact number is fine, but do keep the recruiter/interviewer informed. Common sense. No?

  • Avoid clichés in your resume & you'll notice 2 pages is a lot of space to fill out your professional achievements. Try it.

  • If you've a post lunch interview, plan your food intake with care. Over-eating leads to 'burping'. Only Garfield likes it!

  • You might think you're friendly in your approach. But hugging an interviewer isn't the best way to greet! WTH were you thinking.

  • Sending gifts to an interviewer isn't going to get you the job! Doing well in the interviews will improve your chances.