Saturday, March 20, 2010

What to do with a second job offer?

What should a person do if he gets an offer or an interview within a short time like 1-2 month of joining in a new job?

Would it look inappropriate on the CV to have worked for a month in an organization?


Did you go in search of another offer after you joined the current firm? Or did ‘Firm B’ call you with an offer after you joined ‘Firm A’. The answer lies in these questions.

If it’s the former case, that’s you went looking for an offer then the answer is, “Yes, take up the offer from Firm B”. I would say yes, because there must be something about your current offer that’s not working out for you. It could be any of the following reasons or more: compensation, role & responsibility, travel, benefits, perks, bad manager, work culture, etc. The lack of NOT having a component that you wanted most in an offer must have triggered your search for a better one. You should still bring it up with the current manager and see if you can work things out. I’m pretty sure they’ll value the time and effort gone into selecting you for the role.

Well, there’s not guarantee that the second offer will be any better. You can only hope that it’s better.

Now, let’s take the latter situation. That’ Firm B came with an offer after you joined your current firm, my answer would be, “No, let it go”. Even if it’s a tad better than the current one. Here’s why. You’ve already spent a month on the job and that would mean your team/manager has spent enough time & effort to get you to speed. You don’t want to screw them over by leaving them now. You’re sure going to burn bridges and might have long term implication. If you are in a niche market, it gets tougher; either the manager/team member will know someone in the other firm. Or at a later time period, you could interview with a Company that they might have joined. Rest assured; they aren’t going to pick you after your past act.

When you accept an offer, it’s a commitment you make. You don’t break that unless you have a very strong or valid reason. Further there’s no stopping Firm B from questioning your commitment. They’ll wonder if you’ll leave them just as easily for a better offer in a few months. Long term implications. Remember?

There’s even a remote possibility that Firm A will be ok with your exit. You can make only one mistake like this. Is the offer Firm B’s offer worth that move now?

If you still choose to go ahead with the second offer, I would suggest you don’t need to show the one month work period in your resume. It might be perceived as indecisive and that you might have taken a hasty or immature decision. Leave it off the resume.

Good luck!