Monday, September 28, 2009

Hiring: Candidate Tip - Part 1

Off late I’ve started getting a lot of questions from readers/candidates asking for advice regarding hiring/recruitment. More specifically about interviews, resume, cover letter, etc. A few questions do intrigue me enough to write a post with my reply. However, many questions are repetitive in nature and hence might seem redundant. I would be glad to answer your queries my mail, but here’s another way that I would go about answering those queries, on Twitter, using the hashtag #candidatetip. To make it easier for folks who are not on Twitter I’ll post those tips in parts on this blog. Hope that these tips would prove helpful.

So here’s the first part of the tips. Let me know your thoughts.

  1. It’s best to avoid 'Comic Sans' as a font for your resume.

  2. Do you mention your blog on your resume? I suggest you don't. Here's why:

  3. No, you don't need to put your zodiac sign in your resume! Unless the role specifically asks for it. Really. Why would you put it there?

  4. If you give 3 different email ID’s on your resume, the employer can choose to send their mails to any one of them or to all three ID’s! Be sure to check all mail in all your ID’s.

  5. Maybe its time to get yourself a Skype a/c. Employers still aren't willing to spend on travel yet. It’s one more way to reach you!

  6. If you have a preferable time to take a call but don't mention it in your resume/cover letter, your telling the employer your ok to talk anytime.

  7. Don’t waste space in your resume by writing too much about your current employer. Maximum of 2 lines along with the official website should suffice.

  8. You can't compare YOUR job offer with your friend's, even if both are from the same company. You just raised a big Red Flag! Here’s a post on this.

  9. It's ok to reject a job offer. But keep the Company informed. You don’t join elsewhere & then call them. You just burnt a bridge.

  10. Employers can reach any ref(s) from companies listed on your resume. Reaching ref's from present company is a no-no.

  11. You don't call your prospective employer @ 10:30pm on a Sunday nite (unless its scheduled). Especially NOT when you're drunk! Silly? It has happened.

  12. If you think you are the smartest one in the room (and have enough reasons to believe so). Then chances are you're in the wrong room. Get outta there. Go learn.

  13. If you're scheduled for a telecon, DON'T switch-off your phone @ that time. If you can't take the call, just inform.

  14. If you are not 100% keen on the role, don't take the job. It will catch up soon and only get worse.

  15. When an employer asks for a week to revert, that’s 7 days. So don’t send mails/call during that week asking for an update. Reach them only if you have something critical to share. It’s ok to follow-up after a week.

  16. Don’t give an email address that doesn’t belong to you. Even if it’s your spouse’s. It's sends out a wrong signal.

  17. Keep your references informed about the call from prospective employers. If they aren't kept informed, it'll look like cold calling! If I had to do that, I wouldn’t ask you. Right?

  18. On mails/any other form of written communication, if you get a name 100% wrong it’s ok. Apologize and get to know the correct one. Don’t tell it’s a typo error!

  19. Put your cell on silent mode/switch off during an interview. It's basic manners. If you have to take a call in between, keep the interviewer informed before the start of the interview.

  20. The excitement of getting highly paid for a job you don’t like; will eventually not sound exciting a year down the line. Really. You are better off not taking up that offer.
Stay tuned for more tips. And yes, if you are a hiring manager, recruiter or in any other role that requires you to hire candidates (and you are on Twitter), please use
#candidatetip while tweeting. It would help candidates who could use those tips for better results.