Thursday, June 18, 2009

Square pegs in round holes?

Do folks from start-ups fit into large organizations?

That’s a question which recently sparked a heated debate. I’ve made that transition and it wasn’t easy. There’s always a tendency to play devil’s advocate with some hope to arrive at the best decision. That’s very unlikely to happen. Really. You’ll get deeper into the debate of which is better – startups or large organizations? Candidates will eventually choose one of them for reasons they believe will work best for them and that will be irrespective of the market condition. That’s the bottom-line.

However, I’ve noticed far too many of them even after weighing their pros and cons end up making the wrong choice. Before they know it, they’re stuck! The lure of the start-up making it big fades away once the funding goes dry, working hours stretched to its limit, personal life is taking a beating and so is the case of a guy who feels lost without freedom, creativity and individuality at a large organization.

Did folks involved in hiring either of them get it wrong? They could have spent a little more time understanding the candidate’s needs.