Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Don't know why, but everytime I see this ad from Tata Motors (the same company that purchased Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford last year) it gets me into a contemplative mood.

Before you ask. No. I'm not buying a new car yet. The current one still has a long way to go. Maybe, it's telling me that I need to take that long pending break and head out of town for a nice vacation with my wife! Ahhh, vacation! It could also be their catch phrase (Reclaim Your Life) that's making me feel that way. Darn. Work's piling up. I need to stop watching this ad, at least for now.

Do you like this ad too? Any thoughts?

PS: I dont own this vehicle so I am not going to comment on it either. It's just the ad and nothing else that interests me. Needed this disclaimer, lest the automobile experts write their review here!