Friday, March 13, 2009

Top 10 things That HR Loves (secretly)...

There could a thousand or more things that HR loves (secretly). Here’s a Top 10.

1. Giving Advice: We believe we have the answers to all queries. We’ll give it whether you want it or not!

2. Confidential Info: It’s bad. But can’t help it. We need to know everything that happens in the office.

3. Power: Everyone wants to have a friend in HR. That’s a heady feeling.

4. Controversy: Really! We want to be the ones handling the problem. Might not be the SME (subject matter expert), but then, who cares?

5. Background Checks: It can get dirty! But you never know if something ugly comes up like a criminal record. HR wants to the one who found out.

6. Policies: It can save HR from everything. Right from dress codes to legal lawsuits to ranting employees to office romance.

7. Gossip: How else would you know who is quitting? We need to be in the thick of things when it happens.

8. Training: It could be related to health, safety, benefits, appraisal process, policies (you know why!). Training helps make HR’s life simpler

9. Power Point (PPT): PPT’s are a life saving tool.

10. Top 10’s: We love preparing Top 10’s for everything we do. From daily priority lists to ranking managers!