Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are Recruiters the face of your Company?

I know, I know. There are teams that are more client-facing in nature, such as, Sales, Marketing, Technologists, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, et al. Phew! The list can go on till you either run out of paper or space to type. Right from the doorman to chairman, everyone plays some role in projecting the company to the outside world, in their own style or manner.

However, the reason for such a question is that, the very people who form the company, people who define its culture and success are the employees. Most often than not, their first brush with the company is either with:

a) An External Hiring Firm (or)
b) Company’s Staffing Team, a.k.a, Recruiters

So, effectively a majority of the candidates get their first impression about the Company, revenue stats, growth plans, work culture, benefits and more, from these recruiters. Just how much will these interactions help or destroy your chances of hiring a top notch candidate? I can tell you honestly, your chances rest upon your recruiter’s capability to ‘address-the-right-things’ during their conversations. Obviously, you can’t get away with a lie, nor should you be telling one! It’s another person’s career at stake. On the contrary, addressing the right things include among other topics: The Company’s immediate and long-term plans to counter the economic downturn. If a company is hiring even in such an economic situation, they should have a plan they feel would work. Right? Highlight it, please.

This question is a lot more important in today’s situation. Good talented people will continue to retain their jobs (off course, with a bit of luck too). Now in case your company is hiring, then you want to hire the best too. The match is possible only when you are crystal clear in your discussions. Too much truth will hurt - Agreed.

As always, use some discretion. You are NOT an automated machine that’s programmed to answer queries!