Monday, March 30, 2009

HR Field Sales Execuitve

Wondering what’s the connection between HR & Field Sales Executives? Well, there’s a fit.

The success of any product or service can hardly be judged in the lab or conference room where it first started. It has to be placed in the customer’s hands or in the open-market for end-users. Your engineers believe the product is the best solution for a problem that the customer or market either has currently or might encounter in the near future. The truth can only be determined once the field sales executive goes about selling the product/service. That in turn depends on how the executive represents your product/service.

So is the case with HR services too.

Quite often we get caught up in framing policies, implementing HRIS, monitoring performance appraisal process, all along forgetting that we have taken our hands off the employee’s pulse. All our work means nothing unless it improves the employee’s life at work. It’s time to get out of the desk and go meet employees on the floor. You would do better off by championing the positive effects, just like the field sales executive. Documents which you prepared spending sleepless nights mean nothing to an employee unless its essence is communicated. Right? That’s why the effectiveness of a company wide mass mail is low. Instead employees want to meet you.