Thursday, November 6, 2008

Take the Stairs

This week there are a few things on my mind (outside of HR) such as health, environment, weight-loss, training, going for a run, blogging…

So this month’s going to be – “Take the Stairs At Work”…It’s started off well, have so far climbed & descended about 2264 steps! Almost! Wow, I feel nice! Really, I do.

Got so hooked to taking the stairs that it rubbed off on other colleagues of mine and at times it looks like a stairway-marathon! However, some significant positives from this stairway-week:

- The expected happened! Feeling lighter after having lost some much needed weight

- Built up good levels of stamina, blood-pressure in check

- Didn’t have to stop at every floor for dropping off people

- Gave me loads of time to think and strategize plans for the day

- Got me to arrive early to work – since I couldn’t make it in 5 seconds (by elevator) to my work-floor!

Most importantly, it’s increased my WILL-POWER to stay with one thing till completion…at the beginning it was always easier to ditch the stairs & head to the elevator! It took a lot of will power to use the stairs…I’m hoping that this fad of mine would last for sometime…only the weighing scale will tell!

Next up! Ride the rickety bicycle to work…hoping to purchase one soon…

Any donors?

For a healthy life ahead!
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