Friday, November 14, 2008

"Go-To-Candidate" Strategy

Does that sound weird? Sounds very “out-of-the-box”?

Maybe, because all we’ve ever heard of is, “What is your go-to-market strategy?” Why not redefine it in recruitment? It’ll make your recruiting life a whole lot simpler. The strategy is a no rocket-science – it’s all about identifying the right channel to locate the right candidate and making that integration a high possiblity. Well, at least that easier said than done! Right?

The pain of identifying the right candidate makes it even more compelling to have a strategy called – “Go-To-Candidate Strategy”. So what’s this strategy all about?

- Basically, it is a winning plan to address your recruiting needs, with using minimum efforts to generate optimal results
- A plan that helps you address your “Drying” pipeline of candidates, help you identify and solve the mystery around why you need to talk to a 100 candidates to roll-out 8 – 10 offers?
- Help you map your company’s hiring requirements with specific candidate-pool across geographies.
- Influence (yes!) candidate’s decision making capabilities with sufficient data about your company

All of the above and a whole lot more. This plan is really judged and its effectiveness determined by its end users – the candidates!

Here a version of a simple plan:

Remember that this strategy would mean that you (as a company or employer) are reaching out to candidates – so watch out for your words and keep your promises!

- The HR Store