Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What You Can't See CAN Hurt You!


How about that surprise ‘Resignation Mail’ you received from one of your team members? The process violation that got escalated to top management because you had thought it wasn’t a big deal? That angry customer who forgot that you don’t handle technical support and yet sent you a mail since you Head the company?!?!? Remember that baseless rumor which started at the water-cooler has now reached dizzying heights and has badly affected Employee Relations?

These instances are just tip-of-the-iceberg. There could be tons of such situations that you didn’t see coming your way, because you couldn’t see them. It’s like driving fast on a foggy morning without realizing that the road curves ahead! It’s a horrible situation, right? That’s exactly what’s happening when you can’t see but CAN get hurt!

It’s time to set your eyes on the radar. You don’t necessarily have go breathing down one’s neck to find out what’s happening. You just need to make those daily/weekly/monthly meetings more interactive, communicative and productive. Start the trend by becoming accountable yourself and the rest of the staff will follow. The more you procrastinate, the tougher it becomes to resolve issues!

Everyone loves to be in ‘Control’. That urge can let you down terribly! Empower people in the organization to take decisions at various levels; it helps in quickly sorting minor issues that could possibly snowball into a bigger one. Making them accountable will ensure they think twice before they take any decision.

Day-to-day transactional activities end up consuming our energy and we get caught trying hard to resolve the wrong issue! The real issue is happening on the other end of the spectrum! Are you tuned in?

- The HR Store