Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Push Your Limits!

Very often we come across awkward situations at meetings - at moments which require a ‘volunteer’ to take up responsibility to complete a certain task. The meeting audience suddenly gets jittery, restless; avoiding eye-contact, ‘the shoe lace just needed to be tied’ and every other trick in the book to happily pass the chance to someone else. After all, it’s not a lottery that will get you a winner’s check!! Right? N0! You may be wrong. Actually, you’ve just blown a potential future check! Really!

Unfortunately, the ‘want’ far exceeds the ‘need/will’ to do a certain task. Not all tasks require you to do something drastic. They only ask for your perseverance to get it done!

We all have our reservations when it comes to taking-up/volunteering for a job, since it requires us to:
- Go beyond our line-of-duty
- Use personal time to complete the task (yes! It does happen)
- Coordinate with too many people to get the task done
- Loads of dependability and accountability
- and many more such reasons to avoid the task!

I suggest you do re-think that ‘avoid-at-all-cost’ strategy. In hard times like these, we need to put a little extra into everything we do. It’s time to ‘Push-The-Limits’! Organizations worldwide are looking for people who can double-up their workload, and yes! those people are getting rewarded too – they get to keep their jobs!

- The HR Store