Thursday, February 12, 2009

What are Ideas worth?

Well, its worth at least a ‘Million’ bucks – no, hold on! It could be more than a million or even lesser…Let’s try another time…but WAIT!

Don’t you think all your attempts to find out the ‘Ideal’ price/worth would lead to the same end? Since, it’s hard to put a value for something that doesn’t exist!

GET REAL…your ideas are only as worthy as its EXECUTION! Your idea is only the start! It’s like leading for the first 50M in a 100M race and expecting to win the medal! Are you kidding? The winner is the one who makes it first across the line…if its not you, then it will be someone else!

'Ideas' give a great adrenaline rush - a feeling of euphoria. We often get caught up in lengthy discussions about the idea – we call it brain-storming! However, the idea is only worthy, if it makes its way out of that room and gets executed.

Get started!

- The HR Store