Friday, March 25, 2011

Candidate Tip - Part 10

I started the ‘Candidate Tip Series’ on this blog with the intent to answer recruitment related questions from readers. The series was also introduced in an attempt to avoid redundancy in replies. I tweet these tips on my twitter account too, and use the hash-tag #candidatetip.

If you are a candidate, hope this helps. If not, you can help send this post to people searching for answers. I’ll continue to take questions and should you have one, you can send it to

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  1. Putting your spouse's contact number on your resume isn't a great idea. Recruiter's would want to talk to the candidate.

  2. Not a good idea to place an interviewer 'on-hold' during an interview. And not return to the call even after 5 mins! Enough reason to reject.

  3. Words like 'hyper-active' don't sound great on your cover letter. You may want to rephrase.
  4. Using wi-fi connectivity during interviews is fine. Just don’t get hooked to it and forget the very reason for being there.

  5. Use your name as the file/doc name for your CV. Eg: .doc/.pdf. Names like 'Cool Boy', 'HR Bull', 'Chosen One' sound insane!

  6. If you're referred by a friend for a job at the company he works, let him know you'll meet him after the interview. Stay focused.

  7. Avoid using acronyms in interviews. Else, first give context and then use it. Saying BRX, MNJ, XYZ means nothing to anyone outside your current company. Explain it.

  8. It's ok to follow-up with the recruiter/hiring manager on the status of your interview. A couple of mails should be fine. Don’t go over-board. If they still don’t reply, you wouldn’t want to work for them
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  10. It's not a good sign when you want re-negotiate the job offer after you’ve accepted it. Think.

  11. Take time. Read. Re-read. Ask questions. And only then say ‘Yes’.

  12. It's ok to ask the hiring manager a few questions on his/her style of management. You'll know if it works for you or not.

  13. Try to not change your contact number(s) in the middle of an interview process. If you really have to change it, keep the recruiter informed.

  14. It's not a great idea to take another interview on phone, while you wait in the lobby for the present one to start! Not. A. Good. Idea.

  15. Coming from a competitor definitely gives you an edge, but you still need to ace the interviews. Take nothing for granted!

  16. Aggressiveness is an asset. Don't demonstrate by hitting the discussion table, to make ur point! It's not the same trait.

  17. Getting a presentation to an interview is fine. Just don't force it on the interviewer; unless it was asked of you.

  18. If you're invited for an interview outside the employer's office, it's your call whether to want to take it there or not.

  19. Good hiring managers look for two must-have things in managerial candidates: (1) Emotional Quotient (2) Intelligence Quotient. Go prepared.