Friday, December 11, 2009

Take a stand

That’s the least you can do.

It’s applicable to HR, as it is to any other field of work. It’s time you put your best foot forward. Choose to do the right thing. You’ll end up making enemies out of people who were used to hearing you say yes, all the time. That’s fine, because you can bet that they will stop treating you as a doormat. Change is strange, but it will be fine if you give them time to digest the new normal.

It’s time you take a stand:
  • When a non-performer’s being rated as a high-performer cause the manager didn’t do his job & is avoiding the dirty work.

  • When employees are making demands that can’t be done.

  • When leadership is using HR as a messaging medium to convey bad news.

  • You get the seat at the table, only to get designated as the person who captures the minutes of the meeting.

  • Your department is treated as a cost center by the business & you agree!

  • Managers don’t take responsibility for retaining their top talent. They feel its HR’s headache!

  • You don’t need to take sides when managers are at war with each other.

  • Your time is always taken for granted. And you grant it without questioning!

These situations are just a tip of the iceberg! You can and should say NO to a lot more unreasonable demands.

Make it a part of your competency. Bring in some attitude to your work. You can be candid and that’s far better than sugar-coating stuff for the short-term. You’ll at least get the message across loud and clear.