Monday, May 11, 2009

Do I mention my blog on my resume?

That’s a question that I was asked recently.

It’s a great idea. But the answer is 'No'. Unless you have a great or spectacular blog that just cannot be passed without a second glance. It’s a no-brainer that your blog has to be in your field of work. Else, the recruiter/company doesn’t need to know nor or will they be inclined to read it. A great blog (if you have one) gives you a chance to stand-out among the rest of the applicants.

Why shouldn’t you put your blog on your resume? Here’s why:

1. A blog is like a personal opinion. Even if someone is paying for it, they are still asking for your point of view. Companies don’t run on a thousand different views, they have their own. Maybe even a official blog to tell you what they believe in! Your blog could hamper your chances, if found contradicting their views or vision. You could still go ahead with it, if you want to work for a company that endorses your views.

2. If you think your blog acts like a resume. That’s a tough stand. Your blog IS NOT your resume. As much as you want to believe it. Just imagine if a job opening two thousand hits and half of them end up sending their blogs instead of a one-pager! You can bet that the people who sent their blogs just made things easier for the rest of the applicants. Again, don’t try unless you have a great blog.

3. I know it’s bad, but recruiters are so crunched for time sifting through so many resumes. That they will not take time-off to check your blog. The hiring manager might, but in most cases, the first line of resume validations is done by the recruiters.

Let’s hear what the readers have to say. Would you place your blog on your resume? If you have already done so, do share your experience with the rest of us.