Monday, May 11, 2009

Do I mention my blog on my resume?

That’s a question that I was asked recently.

It’s a great idea. But the answer is 'No'. Unless you have a great or spectacular blog that just cannot be passed without a second glance. It’s a no-brainer that your blog has to be in your field of work. Else, the recruiter/company doesn’t need to know nor or will they be inclined to read it. A great blog (if you have one) gives you a chance to stand-out among the rest of the applicants.

Why shouldn’t you put your blog on your resume? Here’s why:

1. A blog is like a personal opinion. Even if someone is paying for it, they are still asking for your point of view. Companies don’t run on a thousand different views, they have their own. Maybe even a official blog to tell you what they believe in! Your blog could hamper your chances, if found contradicting their views or vision. You could still go ahead with it, if you want to work for a company that endorses your views.

2. If you think your blog acts like a resume. That’s a tough stand. Your blog IS NOT your resume. As much as you want to believe it. Just imagine if a job opening two thousand hits and half of them end up sending their blogs instead of a one-pager! You can bet that the people who sent their blogs just made things easier for the rest of the applicants. Again, don’t try unless you have a great blog.

3. I know it’s bad, but recruiters are so crunched for time sifting through so many resumes. That they will not take time-off to check your blog. The hiring manager might, but in most cases, the first line of resume validations is done by the recruiters.

Let’s hear what the readers have to say. Would you place your blog on your resume? If you have already done so, do share your experience with the rest of us.


Vidooshak said...

Absolutely right. A personal blog has no place on the professional resume. It is nothing more than a distraction. I usually avoid even hobbies and "mission statement". Who has the time for such niceties anymore? The resume is only to get you noticed-- once in, you can always elaborate on the hobbies and blogs if they ask.

An official blog, on the other hand, can be very useful as proof of achievement. It also has the advantage of being a 'publicly' available work, without fear of breaking any NDAs.

As always, a great theme to blog about. Interested in what others say...

The HR Store said...

@Vidooshak - You hit the nail on its head! The resume is only a medium to get a candidate to the table.

I'm getting mails that recruiters aren't really even noticing the bloglink in a candidate's resume. Unless they are hiring a blogger!

Shahfaisal said...

I agree, it makes no sense whatsoever to mention a personal blog on a resume unless the position is related to Psychiatry :).

I have created a professional blog which contains all the technical stuff that I work with. It definitely shows my hard work and familiarity with my field. My question is where should I mention my blog in my resume? Your response is highly appreciated.

DK said...

I have mentioned my blog and personal webpage on my resume. I feel its important for recruiters to go through the blog and personal page of the person to know more about him as we can't mention everything in a resume. A blog showcases a comprehending skills, his understanding on a subject.Its necessary for companies to know about us, since we do the task of knowing the company through the website.
About your comment about I'm getting mails that recruiters aren't really even noticing the bloglink in a candidate's resume. Unless they are hiring a blogger!, my previous company hired me for my understanding and writing skills. They felt the blog showcased my capabilities. BTW they hired me for a role of a developer and not a blogger.
Ideally, I wouldn't take want to be interviewed by someone who hasn't checked my blog/personal page.

The HR Store said...

@shahfaisal - Thanks for the comment. Glad to see you here.

Mea culpa! I'm extremely sorry that my response has come really late. I hope it would help in your future job hunts.

Since you mention that you maintain a professional blog that's relevant to your work, you could highlight it in your resume. But it shouldn't take precedence over actual work that you've done which will eventually get you noticed for future roles. So you could mention a brief about the blog at the end of your resume, along with its URL. It would help if you position your blog as an added advantage that you bring to the table, coupled with some good work experience.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

The HR Store said...

@DK - Cool! You seem to be among a minority of people who got hired for their blogs. Another one I know is Lance Haun (Your HR Guy @

But on another note, recruiter don't need to go through personal blogs. In a large (or even a mid-sized) set-up, a Company isn't about one person and hence even their websites often talk about their collective professional achievements, goals, product road map, etc., So they intentionally stay away from giving too much personal information about any one specific person. In the same way, a candidate's resume is given maximum points for experience that one gets the table (it works differently for fresh grads). Any mention of the blog will be treated as a value add, provided its relevant to the area of work.

Well, about not taking up interviews with folks who don't read your blogs. That's my first point on the post. :) You always have a choice!

Glad to hear your thoughts.

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Brijesh said...

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Actually I am a Marketing Professional i want to know how i mention about my website on my resume

jean said...

I think by putting your personal blog on your resume make a doubt in mind of interviewer that the candidates doing freelancer job, which makes a bad impression.

Jeff Williamson said...

What if you're a writer and part of your work involves maintaining an informative blog?

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