Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How much time do you need to become a leader?

You need ‘Zero/No Time’ to be a leader! Yes, you heard it right. There is not one person who can put his/her hand up & tell you a time frame by when you can become a leader.

Leadership is a ‘Personality Trait’, which might have showed up at a very young age…when you were asked to lead your kindergarten class in competitions…asked to lead the campaign at school…asked to lead the basketball team at college…at a young age you were asked to ‘Lead’ means that most people saw a personality-trait in you that could:

- Influence others positively!
- Get people to listen to you, follow you, back you up when needed
- Get people TRUST your decisions and have FAITH in you!

To become a Leader, you don’t need to age or get grey hair. You only need to stand-up and be counted because of your exceptional ability to comprehend situations and take bold decisions which involve calculated risks & are ready to face the consequences (good or bad). You are a Leader because the people who chose you do not doubt your capabilities; they are there to reinforce your belief in yourself.

The other school-of-thought will argue about people who have not been able to realize their leadership skills, until they are told about them! It is possible, maybe the person hadn’t come across situations or circumstances which demanded showcasing the skills, but that is a rarity! Cause if it’s a trait it’s more a ‘fight or flight’ decision and instinct kicks-in.

The final verdict: Leaders are born NOT manufactured! Keep an eye out & you’ll agree….

Feel free to debate this one…

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