Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome to 'The HR Store'..The journey begins...

Hi Folks,

It's a historical day! Finally registered a blog & writing my first post...

The idea of writing a 'HR Book' sounded clichéd & academic; the alternate was to write a 'HR Whitepaper' which meant that it had to be focused on a single topic per paper. This blog seemed like an ideal platform to get various thoughts under one roof. So, what's this blog all about? Well, at the rate of sounding like a broken-record, I'm trying to bring in new ideas, processes, strategies, leadership, et al - into the Human Resources (HR) playing field. There have been more than a million people who have written or spoken about the same thing, so where do I stand with my ideas?

With this blog, you will experience - that using simple HR messages you can:
- Get work done
- Make decisions faster
- Question existing HR ideologies with frankness
- Change your management approach towards HR and a whole lot more

It would great if you could share your ideas, read & comment on topics that mean the most to you.

Watch this space for more!

The HR Store