Monday, December 27, 2010

Things to leave off your resume!

  • Links to your Facebook fan page, Twitter ID, blog (unless you manage a professional one for the business)

  • Quotes from references. Really! Your reference will be contacted at a later time and given sufficient time to talk about your candidature.

  • Your photograph. Take it off, unless you’re asked explicitly to add one to your resume.

  • Confidential information from current employer, such as, links to your work that you’ve placed on a personal site (I’ve come across such a resume!)

  • Personal information: about your spouse (where he/she works, company name, etc.), kids or neighbor’s dogs.

  • Leave the resume looking professional. Don’t jazz up the background or have a font that’s best used on a greeting card!

  • Weird email ID’s. Here’s why:

  • Redundant contact details. If you don’t want to be reached, then don’t send out the resume!

  • Abbreviations, acronyms and writing the entire resume in CAPS!