Friday, July 16, 2010

Candidate Tip - Part 8

Few months back, I started the ‘Candidate Tip Series’ on this blog with an intention to answer recruitment related questions from readers. The series was introduced in an attempt to avoid redundancy in replies. I tweet these tips on my twitter account too, and use #candidatetip for the tips.

If you are a candidate, hope this helps. If not, you can help send this post to people searching for answers. I’ll continue to take questions and should you have one, you can send it to

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  1. Find a way to explain the difference between your 'needs' v/s 'wants'. Leaving it ambiguous, could result in interpretations.

  2. When you're invited for lunch in between interviews, eat just enough to keep you going. Please don't binge! Burping isn't likeable.

  3. If you're scheduled for an interview but decide against a job change, let the recruiter/manager know in advance. Saves everyone's time & effort.

  4. Collecting job offers from many firms = burning bridges with ones you'll reject. Think & apply. Do you need that 2nd offer?

  5. Speaking fast when you don't know the answer doesn't help your cause. Say, "I don't know" & ask for the answer.

  6. Coming from a direct competitor doesn't guarantee you a job. You'll still need to ace the interview.

  7. Interview slots are well planned (atleast at most firms), so if you choose to take a phone-call in between, make it quick.

  8. An 'open' offer is a great thing. Yet, I would suggest you have detailed discussions before saying 'yes' to the offer.

  9. Don't use your official email ID to communicate with a prospective employer!

  10. At interviews, use the white board (when available). Helps interviewers visualize your explanation. It works in your favor.