Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday's that rock!

Yes, you heard me alright. If luck has anything to do, you’ll find a recruiter’s Monday made when:

- ALL (I mean, each & everyone) of the New Hires shows up at the door. Agreed it’s a bad job market, but that hasn’t changed for great talent to reject job offers.

- The hiring manager sends you an ‘awesome job done’ mail copying the entire senior management! (You wonder, why the delay in sending the mail?)

- Your project just got identified as the best submission. And you get funds for running it too. Cool!

- All tasks on your list for Monday are marked – DONE.

- Over 85% of candidates/employees participate in your survey.

- Zero ‘offer declines’ from potential hires. Awesome! Must be dreaming.

Bring on the week now! So what’s on your list today? I would love to hear your Super Monday stories.