Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Employees will not particpate in surveys...

… when it’s NOT anonymous.

… has far too many redundant questions.

… takes more than 10 minutes of their time.

…when they don’t know why it’s being done in the first place. Really.

… when they don’t get to know the results. The cynics will just say, “I told you so”.

... when they don’t know the outcome of their feedback. They’ll assume its either dumped/deleted/overlooked/read by both their HR & Manager who didn’t like it (no more feedback!). That’s bad.

… when the survey does nothing to improve their working environment.

… when there’s one that they need to fill every month! It happens. True.

… when it has to be done on paper, with someone looking over the shoulder! Again. It does happen. True.

… when their manager(s)/senior management don’t show the same levels of interest.

… when the survey is seen as a HR thing-to-do. It’s more than that. Right?

… when the timing of the survey is all wrong; closer to performance review/product deadlines/downsizing/management restructuring/vacation.

And then you thought surveys were so easy to administer!