Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life-Work Balance

Life-Work Balance (confused! It’s intentional...) seems to truly be the case in times of recession. It’s a paradigm shift in thought and mostly everyone saw it coming!

You know you are grappling with one when:

- You are afraid to say NO! at work – might as well get into something and keep your job for that much more longer
- Food doesn’t figure in your agenda of Top 10 things-to-do for the day!

- Very email gets a reply within an hour of receipt – even if it means at midnight
- The past 4 weekends have been spent at work – so will the next 40 weekends – you think you at least you have a job to do
- Your spouse is threatening to leave you/sue you, if you don’t come home at least by 12:00am!
- “Stress” is your favorite curse-word of the month
- You missed the kid’s game at school, forgot your wedding anniversary, didn’t return personal calls
- “Fun” is a forbidden activity
- The 'Blackberry' is your constant companion – you can type that email blind-folded!
- Your patience is at its all-time low – even snapping at the water cooler!

Really! Your workload has just doubled – citing lay-off’s that just happened and your team was reduced to just 5 from it’s previous 15 people. The recession time is here to stay for the next couple of years. Please save for a rainy day! It’s easier said than done – but at least try!

Last year same time…you may have been at Peru visiting Machu Picchu!! Back to work now…it’s still 7:00pm!!!!

- The HR Store